The Nitty Gritty

This last week I was BUSY! Overwhelmed really but so grateful. It’s really my own fault, I put in sessions on days I had reserved to be getting ready for vacation but sometimes, it’s just hard to say ”no”.

Between editing and shooting, I was still fielding emails and I received one that made me so happy. It was a new client and they were doing their due diligence, which I totally appreciate but one of their questions was “are you registered?”

The quick answer is “YES!” In fact, I encourage you all to go check yourselves. It’s public information and all it takes is a simple search. I’m registered as JLF Photography and Scissortail Photo & Film Company (to reflect some services I plan in adding in the future).

The question came about because the client’s invoice had tax included. All of my invoices have tax attached because I’m required to charge sales tax by the State of Oklahoma. That’s part of being a legitimate business.

It’s disgusting. I truly hate the paperwork part of the job and keeping up with filings and registrations is a pain. It’s not hard, it’s just annoying. It’s the nitty gritty part of the job that I dislike, but it’s part of it and it’s part of having a business.

Two things are certain in life, death and taxes, even in photography.

A huge thanks to my new client for asking a question. That rarely comes along but is so important! Do your research. You have to pay income tax, why shouldn’t I?

See you all soon! 🖤

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