Introducing Me: The One Behind the Camera

Hi there! I'm Jady! The one behind the camera (most of the time) and this is my family, The Few of us, if you will (minus our sweet dog, Beau).

I almost felt inclined to say "little family" but the truth is, there is nothing little about us. We do life big, pretty much all the time. If you are friends or follow us on social media, you know we are always in to something. A few truths about me:

- you'll almost find me within arms reach of a Coca-Cola, Pepsi is not the same.

- I am always in to something. Rest is for when I am old and I'm not there yet.

- I am planner and get pretty upset when a plan gets wrecked (i.e. 2020 has been a nightmare for the calendar)

- I love spending time with my family, traveling and planning cute photo sessions for my sweet, little girl.

- I'm not so secretly addicted to The Home Edit, The Container Store and anything that keeps my life organized.

- I absolutely love Fall but Christmas is my favorite. I put my trees up on Halloween and my husband tolerates it but firmly believes Christmas doesn't start until Black Friday. (What a party pooper?!)

A little about me and my journey that led me to Scissortail Photo Co. I've always enjoyed beautiful landscapes or maybe that's just the travel bug in me but a few years ago, I accompanied my sister to a studio photo session for my niece and things just didn't go right. Kids don't always cooperate as you want them to and the studio lacked patience, in my opinion. It kind of set an overwhelming tone for the session and my sister will still tell you the photos didn't turn out as she had hoped. It was in that moment that I realized there had to be another alternative. So, I purchased a kit camera and went to work. Taking pictures of my niece turned into taking pictures for friends and I quickly realized that this was something I not only enjoyed but seemed to be doing well with. About a year in, I did a massive upgrade in camera and lens that I carried and it made the world of difference. Fast forward to now (almost 6 years later), I have made several more upgrades in my gear and am busier than I have ever been. That is all thanks to my wonderful clients and what a blessing every single one of them have been.

It all sounds great but it hasn't been without it's hardships. In fact, about a year ago, I felt that my business was as slow as it had been since starting out and I actually considered closing up shop. That's right, I almost quit. "Why?" is a question many have asked as I shared my story of contemplating quitting. Photography is not just taking pictures. There is a bunch of behind the scenes work between paperwork, emails, messages, scheduling, editing and there are times when it can get pretty tiring. You send out beautiful galleries and sometimes you are lucky enough to get a tag on social media, regardless of what the print release or contract states, that shares your work but more often than not, images are downloaded and you never hear another word until (maybe) that client is ready for more photos. It's a continuous battle of "am I good enough?", "what can I do differently?", etc.

If you have chosen Scissortail Photo Co. formerly JLF Photography, all I can say is "Thank you. Thank you for supporting me and what started out as a hobby. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to all of you enough."

Thanks for following along,


Photo credit: Katie Denton Photos

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